We Help Make Healthy Choices SIMPLE

Healthy vending products from Walker Healthy Vending keep your team happier and healthier, leading to better workplace productivity.

See What Healthy Vending Options Are Now Available in Atlanta

When you want to have healthy snack options available to your staff or your guests, it’s not always easy to find a convenient and affordable option. Luckily, at Walker Healthy Vending, we offer high quality vending machines, built with modern and unique features, and filled with all your favorite snacks and beverages. We are a locally owned and operated business, so any service or assistance required with your machine can almost always get same day service.

Our Story

When we first created this business, it was with the goal to provide our customers with healthy and convenient vending choices, in the hopes of promoting positive life choices.

By offering a wide variety of natural and organic options, we hope to show many people out there that eating healthy can be fun and delicious.

Better Machines Means Better Service

When you get one of our machines, you know you are getting quality. That’s because when you get one of our machines, you’re getting a modern piece of equipment that comes armed with many modern amenities to improve customer use and satisfaction.

The newest innovations on our Naturals2Go vending machines is the AirVend technology, which allows your guests and customers to easily see all the products nutritional information before they even buy it. With a press of the button, the drink or snacks information will be displayed on the monitor, so users can shop with confidence in the product they’re purchasing.

Think Smart

Besides placement and service of vending machine, we also have a wide variety of other service available to improve your experience. As a local business of Atlanta, we are always available if you need service or solutions with your vending machine.

With a Naturals2Go machine, you can work smart. You will never have to worry about the item you want running out. That’s because all of our machines come with automatic inventory monitoring, so we will get updated as soon as its inventory starts running low.

Think Fast

Today’s consumers don’t want the greasy or sugar filled fare that used to fill vending machines. That’s why we offer a large variety of delicious natural snacks and beverages, so your employees or guests can get the healthy treats they want, when they want it.

Additionally, with us you can customize your order and get the foods you want. We have a huge variety of snacks available to choose from.